Keep It Tasty.

TVC & Social / Art Direction

Agency: The Martin Agency

Role: Senior Art Director

Associate Creative Director: Page Jenson-Slattengren
Freelance CDs: Erica Pressley & Ben Grube
GCD: Mike Kelley
Director: David Shafei x WW7

In 2022 Martin Agency launched the world’s first vodka seltzer sommelier for NÜTRL and in 2023 our clients came back and said "Bitte! we need more Chloe crushing tasty NÜTRLS!" and thus our newest ads were birthed into the world like fresh juicy cherries being pushed out of a birth canal.

We did some soul searching asking questions like “why do we use the claw in pictures?” and “no but what WAS that persons name” we went to Mexico City with the vunderbar Chloe Fineman where launched a new tagline and brought bowl cuts and culottes back in style.


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