About me’s are weird right? I could talk about my past life as George Washington or I can talk about my current one:

Currently a senior art director and pitch master at The Martin Agency where I work on everything from bedazzling AXE products to getting Natasha Lyonne to take a compliment to winning pitches, like Bud Light Seltzer. Born in NY and bred between NY & ATL. 4’9 with a 6’7 attitude, mother to my son Beans and an escape room world record holder.

Hit me up to talk about every season of Love Island (USA & AUS included), to help design a perfect branding system, or to find out if I really had wooden teeth. And if you made it this far, here’s a cookie.


Select Clients:
NÜTRL, Royal Caribbean, Old Navy, GEICO, AXE, Carmax, Bud Light Seltzer, Aflac, Krystal, Buffalo Wild Wings, JUVEDERM

Senior Art Director
2022-Present | The Martin Agency | New York, NY

Senior Designer/Art Director
2021-2022 | Dagger Agency | Atlanta, GA

Art Director
2020-2021 | Dagger Agency | Atlanta, GA

2019-2020 | Springbot | Atlanta, GA

Brand Designer
2018-2019 | Maven Design | Atlanta, GA

Wunderman Thompson, Vigor Branding, OUSTOffice HoursButter.ATL

American Graphic Design
2018 | Infographic

American Graphic Design
2017 | Restaurant Branding