Brand Identity / Art Direction

Agency: Dagger

Role: Designer

Sr. Art Director: Carmelle Kendall

*Creative liberties were taken to show the full breadth of creative elements. All designs are for presentation only.*

Krystal needed a clear and consistent strategic approach that allowed the brand to build relevance with its ever-evolving consumer base and to stand out in an increasingly competitive qsr landscape.

Krystal’s brand and products have always been positioned to appeal to a broad and diverse audience.But in order to strengthen loyalty among existing customers and attract new ones, we have to engage them in ways that are uniquely relevant to them. We created a cohesive design style that could be used on various platforms, appealing to the gen-z - millennial demographic. As major fast-food corporations continue to elevate, Krystal needed to be in the running and we wanted to make our mark with unique elements.