Holiday Cocktails

Art Direction / Set Design

Agency: Dagger

Art Directors/Set Designers:
Brittany Lazaroff
Carmelle Kendall
Sydney Lippman
Rachel Platner
Melanie Malone

Chris Cella
Lawrence Murray

Personal Bartender:
Brittany Lazaroff

A small portion of the art team at Dagger wanted to get together and collaborate on a project to keep our creative minds refreshed during the holiday season while going into the new year with a new skill under our belts. Our photo department put together a workshop teaching us about lighting and various photo techniques, so we came up with the art direction and set design.

Since it was around the holidays, we thought “oooh, let’s create our own dagger cocktails”, because who doesn’t love photographing pretty alcoholic drinks? Each drink had it’s own personality and “scene” to it with props that were from our personal stashes and half-empty (or half-full, if you will) bottles to experiment with. Thank the heavens I have 6 years of bartending experience under my belt :,-)