Bud Light Seltzer


Agency: The Martin Agency

Role: Senior Designer

Design Director: Robyn Makinson
Creative Team: Anna Vaughn & Evan Barkoff
Production Partner: Prepost 3D

54% of people believe there’s beer in Bud Light Seltzer.

As a design department pitching new business, we were tasked with visually correcting this misconception. How could we most clearly communicate flavorful, colorful, bubbly hard seltzer against a desert of brown, beer sameness? With bright, crisp bubbles of course. So that’s what we did, created a brand new visual world for Bud Light Seltzer that revolved around the humble bubble.

From this Adweek article: "The Martin Agency came up with a new design system to help elevate the brand, and it utilized bubbles and lightness to show that it could stand out against the beige nature of beer. The agency even put a clear can into the design vocabulary to state that the seltzer has no beer. The strong design system informed the campaign storytelling starting with those bubbles."

The bubbles design system even translated to film.
The bubbles themselves inspired, and were seamlessly integrated into,
the Bud Light Seltzer 2023 Launch campaign entitled Truckin' Bubbles.