Aflac #HotDuck

Content Creation / Art Direction

Agency: Dagger

Role: Art Director/Designer

Copywriter: Emily Turner
Motion Designer: Daniel Barnes
Video Editor: Cory di Mino
Director: Chris Cella
Producers: Adina Hilton/Adrian Schwarz

This summer is gonna be a hot one. From the long awaited return to IRL with friends to hitting the pool and living your best life, Aflac is here to make sure medical expenses don’t hold you back. Driving earned conversation by bringing #HotDuckSummer to life through organic content, community engagement, and audio amplification.

This 3-month long campaign focused on beating the heat of medical expenses so you can focus on what summer is really all about, doing Hot Duck Things - thus creating #HotDuckSummer ︎ The overall designed was inspired by vintage Miami Vice mixed with 80’s-90’s pop culture. We created a series of interactive Instagram Stories, tweets, and IG feed posts that tapped into meme culture while encouraging others to have a #HotDuckSummer.

I created giphy stickers that can be used on IG Stories by searching “Aflac” or “#HotDuckSummer” as well as a custom IG filter. Paid content was shown on Instagram, Twitter & YouTube. As the Art Director, I was in charge of putting together the props and wardrobe while scripts and delivery was in brief of what client was asking.

We created branded surprise & delight items that we then sent out to influencers and fans - using the tag #HotDuckSummer to bring it all together.